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Fresh Organic Vegetables

A metric-driven, automatic, quality control and certification system that goes beyond the currently prevailing standards which only measure cosmetic crop parameters.

About us

SuPr Crop is a sustainable crop certification system that ensures:

i. The food is grown using environmentally and socially sustainable production practices (CSSA).

ii. The crops qualify positively on quality and nutrition density parameters.

iii. Food producers are fairly paid for their crop, ensuring economic upliftment, poverty alleviation.

SuPr Crop is an important component of Virenxia’s Krishi Chakras initiative, which focuses on the economic and social development of farming communities. Both SuPr Crop and Farmics™ are a part of Virenxia.



To ensure the four A’s: Food has to be Affordable, Available, Accessible and Alimental for the masses.

How SuPr Crop Certification benefits the farmer:

Food producers benefit from Farmics™ and Virenxia’s agro-technical know-how, which is provided to them under this closed-loop system. By using fewer chemical inputs, the farmers save on costs, while their soil quality and crop yield dramatically improve.

Being SuPr Crop certified gives farmers better market access and the highest price for their produce. This is especially transformative for small and medium-landholding farmers, as it can help them grow from subsistence farming to affluence.

How SuPr Crop Certification benefits you, the consumer:

When you buy a SuPr Crop certified product you can be assured this food has been produced in a way that respects the environment, soil biodiversity and promotes the health and economic wellbeing of the farmer.

Most importantly, when you buy SuPr Crop certified grains, vegetables or fruits, it is a guarantee seal of the best quality and nutrition you can buy for your family.

Picking Grapes

This SuPr Crop Certification system guarantees respect for the environment, fair price for producers, as well as nutrition, quality, health and sustainability for consumers.

A promise of quality and sustainability

Our SuPr Crop quality assurance seal guarantees nutrition and sustainable production. This means that crops are also tested against a series of metrics to see how they measure up to our climate-smart sustainable agricultural (CSSA) practices.

Promoting ‘green’ agricultural practices

The Green Revolution did give us the capacity to double and triple food production to feed our growing world population, but in the long run, have proved not to be so ‘green’ after all. Being a SuPr Crop producer means making sure the entire agricultural process involves fewer chemicals and is more organic-input dominant. It involves sustainable use of resources and using regenerative agriculture methods which respect soil health.  

Benefiting food producers

We work closely with local food producers and organizations by lending our sustainability expertise and AgTech implementation skills to help local food producers and organizations. Our technologies help them maintain soil quality and increase productivity while reducing costs. The result: growers benefit from the SuPr Crop certification as they have the bargaining power to sell their products at a better rate due to their certified superior quality. Better rates for their food means steady prosperity for farms, while customers can be sure to see shelves stocked with quality SuPr Crop certified food and agricultural products.

Supporting local

While an increasingly globalized food supply chain is great for customers, it's not so good for the environment because of the detrimental carbon footprint. The SuPr Crop stamp guarantees to customers that the grown food is healthy, nutritious and sustainably produced. It motivates customers to buy local – thus supporting local farms/farmers.

Developing green supply chains

A certification system is designed to integrate with blockchain technology to allow full traceability to agricultural commodity buyers and customers, from seed to crop to plate. SuPr Crop certification affects an environmentally sustainable supply chain, from production to consumption.

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